Thursday, December 22, 2011

leaving on a jet plane ..dont know when ill be back again...

well on a serious note haha i am leaving but not on a plane and yes ill be back :)
leaving at 7am tomorrow well i guess thats today seeing it 4 35 am at the moment

but ill be back the 27th 
but we did christmas already at my house so heres what i got :)

the 88 eyeshadow palette by coastal scents
(this i really wanted because of where im in school for hair makeup and fashion
it has a wide range of colors obviously so they can work for any occasion
they bought this for 15 dollars)
a nikon cool pix 105
they got this on black friday of about 139 99 
annddd i loveee it already ill have new pictures up from my 
trip to texas and youlll see how good the quality is:)

and lastly i got a pink sweater from target
for 10 99 that has the batwing sleeve things haha 
but unfortunately target is no longer selling them as of last week
so i couldnt find the photo 
but thats all i got this year i was really wanting the clohtes
i had asked for but getting all this that wasnt on my list
is like 10x better ahahha 

but since i wont be back til the 27th you can follow my twitter for 
updates and what not but merry christmas everyone :)
from my family to yours <3
~happy blogging 

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