Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this or that tag!

Tag: This or That?

Coke or Pepsi? hmm well i dont really drink sodas but if i had to choose then itd probably be coke :)

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream for sure :) i love moose tracks <3

Clothes or makeup? hmmm tough one but id probably say clothes :)

Hairspray or frizz lotion? Hairspray. Sebastian Shaper + is the bestt 

T.V or book? mmmm tv more than likely even though i dont watch a lot of it 

Pool or beach? beach for sure i love the sand water and scenery 

Water or soda? Water all they way.

Sandals or boots? umm sandals for spring and summer and boots for fall and winter :).

Purse or backpack? Purse! duhh :)

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team edward for the books and team jacob for the movie 

Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana? honestly ive never watched either soo idk haha .

Mall or online shopping? id say online unless youre unsure if something will fit

Tennis or soccer? soccer because i played it in high school 

MAC or Maybelline? i like mac but maybelline is definitely the more affordable 

well i loved doing this so much fun and if youd like i would love to see your answers too <3 
just post them below or send me the link to your post if you do one of those like i did :) 
~happy blogging
-chelsea <3

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