Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Melted crayon art :)

Ok another project in the same night?!?!?

Yeah I told y'all I've been in the mood with art

Not sure what's gotten into me. But on to the project :)

Soooo I've really been wanting to do a melted crayon art for awhile and just couldn't find the time nor inspiration to do it. Well Steven asked me to make him one. He said IDC what color or design it is I just want one haha. Soo since him and I are both mustang fanatics and he drives one I did the mustang emblem. And yes it's free handed and could've been better but whatever haha. I just used white paint. As or the crayons I use red purple and blue. I didn't wanna use greens yellows or oranges. Mostly because nothing in his room matches those an they would've been sorda feminine. But on to the pictures :) enjoy

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