Tuesday, February 5, 2013

21st birthday :)

so for those who keep up with my blog somewhat
I turned 21 on jan 30th :)
now it was definitely fun and I had a blast
I didn't really go out bar hopping or anything like that
i simply went out with Steven to a place around here called Dougie Rays
its a relaxed two story bar with pool tables and what not but very nice
we shot pool and drank
threw darts and of course I won :)
I met a lotta people had a lotta fun
and had a lotta free birthday drinks hahaha
but it was definitely memorable
I wouldn't want it any other way
oh and it snowed all night so I had a winter wonderland birthday
but heres some pics

I didn't take many was to busy and honestly the thought
completely escaped my mind
but here we go.....
(Katie and me)

(birthday lap dance 1)

(birthday lap dance 2)

(Zach and me)

(Katie and me)
(Mexican killers)

(first picture of the night)

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