Monday, February 18, 2013

Procrastination...and school

yeah that's right
its such a horrible thing
I've realized already within my first semester of school that I should not put things off til the last minute
ughhh I decided that it would be a better idea to wait til this weekend to finish a bunch of homework and oh lordy how that turned out to be a horrible...and I mean horrible idea.
not only was I totally overwhelmed
and scrambling til the last minute to get it all finished
but I'm also wide awake at 3 am when class stats at 830 am
I also probably should not be writing this and be trying to get some sleep
but I drank coffee to help keep stay awake to finish all my work
soo another worst idea ever to add to the list of the night

I really need to get am agenda or planner or something
anyone that know a great place to get one please inform me
I don't want the normal one that you can find at office max or whatever
I want a cute one that's got all the extra knick-knack areas
plus I'm sure a lot of you know but I'm a very organized person (normally)
and very OCD
so the more organized the better
my memory isn't the greatest either that's another problem I'm having
soo an agenda seems like a legit solution
but I'm gunna hit the sack here's some agenda ideas I've seen that I really like though
:) enjoy and take it from me personally DONT PROCRASTINATE! haha

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