Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I leave for basic trainging soon...and some extra stuff

that's correct
you read it right
I Chelsea Leigh Hayes am about to be currently enlisted
to the army national guard
here's what's going on

I leave for MEPS Thursday night
wake up Friday morning and go to the MEPS building to be sworn in
I then turn around and that night I leave for drill
come back Sunday night
and April 3rd ill leave for basic
my basic will be held at  Fort Sill, Oklahoma
my AIT will be held at Fort Lee
which is inVirgnia
not only that but 3 days after basic ends I start AIT training is on the east coast
so imma be all over the place in a short amount of time
my Unit is not chosen yet til I get back from basic
but my MOS is stock supplies
/supply specialist
as you can see imma be busy
and obviously while in basic for 2 months I wont have access
to the internet, phones, papers.....well pretty much anything that has to do with the outside world
I will def. upload pictures of me being sworn in this Friday
drill, basic, AIT , all of it
I'm taking ya'll along my journey :)

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