Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Todays the day

todays the day I leave
todays the day I go one step further into my future
todays the day I go to better myself
to learn things I never imagined
to build a bond ....another family
todays the day I step forth only to never look back
todays the day I start becoming a soldier

yes I leave for basic training today
yes I'm nervous
yes I'm wide awake and should be asleep
I cant help it my nerves are just shot
I leave for fort sill Oklahoma tomorrow
my AIT will be held at fort lee Virginia though
but either or I'm gunna miss sweet ole Tennessee
I met a guy
well actually I've known him...we went to school together back in the day
but we recently reconnected and sorda hit it off
his names tanner
and he's the sweetest guy I think I've ever met
like he literally asked permission to kiss me
but it was adorable
id rather have a guy who respects me then think he's suddenly earned
that right bc we hung out one time
however our relationship(or whatever you'd like to call it)
is already going to be hard
ya see....I leave for basic today
I wont be back to TN til august 15th
he leave for Afghanistan May 20th
(he's in the army)
but he wont be back til Feb 2014
so I wont see him for almost a year
we definitely plan on writing and communicating as much as possible
but we both understand how hard it will be for us
but also know if we can make this in the first year then we can overcome anything
I just lay it in gods hands that we make it through it
but I shall see you all on the other side :))
wish me luck <3
>>>>idk I think I was dancing<<<<

>>>>first day back from drill<<<<

>>>>in the truck with ethan<<<<

>>>>then I went to this<<<<

>>>>POW duck-face hahaha<<<<

>>>>full body shot<<<<

Going away party

>>>>Austin mom me and lane<<<<

>>>>mom and me<<<<

>>>>my little brother, 16 and he's getting bigger everyday<<<<

>>>>other little brother  turns 20 the 6th on this month
unfortunately it'll be the first birthday of his I've ever missed <<<<

>>>>wrestling hahahaha<<<<

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