Monday, January 13, 2014

5 things to do online.....

So here are 5 things to do when online that may help you if your stuck, bored or need some inspiration of certain topics.  I usually like working on projects but when I take a break I visit some of the sites I've listed below just to get away from whats at hand and stuff.

1) Which Side of Your Brain is More Dominant? this is a really quick and easy test that is just something to do to get to know yourself better.  I believe it had about 10-15 questions that are short and to the point and you choose between pictures.  No answer is wrong, so just choose which ever one you agree with first and don't other think it :)
2) YouTube- so you can pretty much find anything on here from DIY videos, to music, and even movies.  I actually watch all the old Disney movies i grew up watching on here quite frequently.  So if you really have no idea what to do while online and are bored swing on over to YouTube and checkout some videos or movies. 
3) Pinterest-   Pinterest is the holy-ness of holy.  You can literally find anything here and save images to folders that you name. It covers a wide range of topics from fashion, makeup and hair to automobiles, homes and geek electronics.  All you have to do is create an account and then start pinning.  The more people you follow the more they'll pop up on your news feed.  You can even set it to where you can follow or unfollow certain boards a person has created.

4) Design Your Own.... So at May Designs you can literally design a book to cover just about anything.  By this I mean you can design a book to be an agenda, a journal, a workout log, etc.  The way it works is you go to their website.  Then you click a design print for the cover of the book you're designing, next you choose what kind of background shape, typographic style for the writing on the cover, monogram color, and then you choose what text you want the monogram to say.  You then go to the last step of choosing what kind of book you would like this to be and it'll let you preview the image.  
Now lets say they don't have exactly what you're wanting...luckily for you they also do custom request.  Just click on the Custom tab at the top of the page.  Not only does this company make books, they also make stationary sets. Did I mention that everything used to make these books are Eco-friendly and its water proof...So go check them out.

top: left to right

5)GO SHOPPING- well maybe not shopping but window shopping online at least :)
I love looking at the latest fashions when I'm bored and here are just a few of the sites i mainly shop and look at to get inspiration for anything just about.

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