Thursday, January 16, 2014

For the holidays, and for our soldiers....

So as I had stated in my last post
I am no longer deploying but then I got to thinking
that just because I'm not 
that doesnt mean that others won't and aren't already there
so I decided to post some pictures of
ideas for care packages to send your soldiers 

whether they be in the states or downrange
or overseas :)

 Taco night themed 

 a miss you box
simple but cute

halloween themed 
and I must say that the 
Nightmare Before Christmas theme was brilliant

and a valentines themed one as well :)

so don't forget about the soldiers that are still fighting for our freedom and way of life these holidays and if you have someone you know that is away from their family this year, make sure to let them know that they are still in your heart and on your minds.  Let's not forget the little things and how a simple surprise care package can make a whole month become 10x better for someone away from home.

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