Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Project DIY
so i decided to get down and dirty
to put my Lilly-magination
to its limits
and well im country and love deer
and i love the cute little frilly prints Lilly has 
to offer as well

sooooo i decided to combine the 2 :)

****Also up in my shop made to order and by request***

you see the deer head silhouette is a project ive been wanting to do for a pretty good minute but i was planning on using glitter or fabric orginally
then it hit me.....cut the silhouette out and and tape the cut out
to another piece of paper and paint inside of it 

 i really should have taken pictures of each step as i did it
but honestly i wasnt even thinking about blogging this 
i figured id mess up the Lilly print in the end and it would be scrapped
fortunately it didnt turn out to badly and i free handed the whole thing 
so we can say i got lucky to say the least

but heres the finished product
(the frame was just an old brown wooden frame i found and i simply painted it black so that the colors in the deers head and the background would pop more)

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