Friday, January 17, 2014

My package arrived!!

so for Christmas i received a gift card to FOREVER 21
and i was so excited about getting to use it
i decided to order my items online seeing its 
>less hassle 
>less people
>and more options
if you have never shopped online i highly suggest it
anything that doesnt fit or is the wrong item you can easily send back in a box they give you when yours arrives and they pay for the shipping cost 
or you can just as easily return or exchange it at the store in person
also a lot of stores have online exclusives which basically means ...
items only available online

andddd thats exactly what i bought
i purchased a outfit i put together
its a shirt
a pair of black leggings
and a simple but gorgeous necklace

the leggings can be bought in stores
but the necklace and top were both online exclusive items
and i must say the necklace actually is looks 10x better in person then on the picture of the product from the site itself

well enough of me rambling about the stuff i bought
im sure youre ready to see the items :) 

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