Sunday, January 5, 2014

Printing On Novel Paper

So im sure everyone's seen those pages from vintage books
 that have been printed on 
well....i decided that today i would give it a shot myself and
see how it would turn out

now the best advice i can give is to find an image with
a white background so that you can see the words through the image
i did about 3 of them but one just turned out really odd because
the image was really long and narrow and printed out strangely on the 
paper so i scrapped it

the other thing i would like to add 
is that if you use pinterest
(which if you dont you should)
then theyre are tons and tons and tons or options that
are free on their website

all you need to do is save an image and then print it to fit the size of whatever book page you are using, mine is a 8x10.  so i adjusted my printing settings and that was all


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