Tuesday, January 7, 2014


so wondering whats buzzing my fancy
in the fashion world right now ....


so ive really had a thing for corals, greens, purples and aquas here lately
not entirely sure why but they are very relaxing to look at 
cool and collected
and just about as adorable as can be
the colors can literally be matched with anything !
and i love them dearly 

ive really been into the tights and layered tops look lately
anything grungy and punk 
with leather and spikes and studs
im all about that rocker look with a stylish girly flare to it 
the look that seems like its so put together but 
literally took 5 minutes to put together :)
who doesnt like an outfit like that


so im totally into boots right now seeing its winter 
(and lets be honest when do they really not go with any outfit)
but i also wanted to spotlight those heels
now i dont plan on struttin anywhere in the snow anytime soon in any heels
but these ones are just about cute enough to make me wanna try and 
do it anyways, however i may just throw my heels in a purse
and wear my boots out and once im where im going change into 
these bad boys  ;)
but enough for now and til next time 

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