Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back from Dallas

So I left for Dallas on Friday night around 5pm.  I arrived around 4am.  I actaully managed to be wide awake the whole 10 hours even though I was jamming out to Volbeat with my headphones in all throughout Arkansas.  I didn't end up falling asleep til
maybe around 8 or 9 am after we got there.  Full zombie mode is what level of sleepy I had achieved.  Later we went to see my Pepaw, who really isn't doing that great at the moment.  It was great seeing him and we ended up taking him out to eat at Texas Road House. 

Ya see, if you know anything about my family you'd know we all like to drink.  Now I'm not saying that we are necessarily alcoholics by any means, but we do tend to drink more then what other people would say is normal.  Well even in my Pepaw's health state he's in, he managed to find the bar as soon as we entered the door and went on to margarita town.  He then proceeded that he shouldn't be the only one drinking around him and bought margaritas for everyone.  This is why my family gets along....we're all very caring and giving to others. 

Eventually we all ate, drank and left the restaurant only to go back to my cousin Jolly's (where my Pepaw lives) and drink more.  After about an hour...maybe two...we headed to my Memaw's to turn in for the night.  Now when we got there I noticed a brand new 2014 Chevy Silverado in the drive.  My Uncle Glenn had now arrived and was there to kidnap me and take me to his house for the night to see my Aunt Misty.  So we loaded up and he and I headed to their house....which ended up with me arriving and passing out instantly because it was 2am and I just was not having it anymore.

The next day was our "Hayes" family reunion we have the last Sunday of every April of the year.  Now like I said earlier, my family likes to drink so you have 3 choices on a drink.  Water, sweet tea or beer and well to put it simply the water and tea was for the children.  There was lots of food everywhere, people playing washers, horse shoe matches taking place, adults playing poker, kids and adults taking lassos and hooking barrel's and then the older folks sitting inside in the AC talking about the "good ole days" when they were young.  We also had children playing tag, hide and seek and something about getting shot with the nurf gun meant you got kidnapped and put in the bedroom in the house but everyone else had to save you.  Not to sure about that one honestly....

All in all I had a great time and hadn't been to one since I was 4, so it was definitely great seeing everyone I normally don't get to like when I go down for Christmas vacation.  Was quite funny though hearing them all say, "are you Chelsea, little bubbas daughter...?" my response would be, "yes" and then I'd get the reply of, "well look at you.  just shot straight up and gotten old on us.  last time is saw you, you had just started walking."  My family definitely is your typical southern redneck though. 

After the reunion me and my cousins headed over to Hayley's to swim.  Played some volleyball in the pool, ate some more desert and then headed to the bowling alley to watch my uncle and cousin play in a tournament.  I just shot pool the whole time though to be honest.  haha  Later my parents showed up and then we headed back to my Memaw's and went to bed.  Got up at 9am left by 10:30 and arrived back in Nashville around 8-9pm.  

But now I'm back at home and laying in bed.  Nothing is quite as nice as your own bed....


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