Tuesday, April 22, 2014

been gone for a while

So I guess I should start this with a tiny (but probably large) update on whats been going on the last few months.
So for starters I moved, well twice now since my last post.  First was out of my grandparents and into an apartment with a roommate.  WORST idea ever.  It lasted about 2 months and I literally couldn't do it anymore.  She never had her half of rent or the electric bill.  Constantly going into my room while I was gone to get things without asking and then leaving them where ever she pleased. 
So I went and bought a key lock door handle for my room, seeing I had already asked her to please ask before she just acted as though the things I owned where hers as well.  Then the final straw was coming home to a broken down door and her being all crazy saying I threw her stuff all through the apartment that is by all means not true, but even if it were what gives her the right to break my door down.  Like literally break it down...

Well I also was dating a guy but after 2 months we split.  Still friends and it didn't end on a bad note necessarily.  We just realized we both have to much going on and that we just emotionally and mentally couldn't handle a relationship at that moment.  It's hard though, we both are trying to give one another space but I'm finding that I don't care about him as much as I thought I did the more we don't speak.  Is that normal???

I now am living at my dads and step-moms.  Hoping to get back on track and buy a vehicle seeing the last week of January mine caught fire and burned to the ground. I also am about to start a way better paying job hopefully and once I pay off the college I was attending before basic training I can get back in and on the road to getting my degree in psychology.  It's all just a step by step process I'm learning.  I was also informed that some time between June-August I might be going to GERMANY for training.  I'm so hoping that this ends up working out and that I can go.  It'll only be a 21 day trip but hey it's Germany!

So I guess for now this is about all that's really been going on in my boring life.  I really do live a boring life haha but I do appreciate my readers and sticking around for all the random things I post and write about.

I'm sorda wanting to make this blog more personnel about whats going on in my life week to week ...how would that make anyone feel ??? Should I get more open seeing I don't in my every day life or should it stay about the way it was in the past with crafts, fashion and inspiration post????


here's some pictures of whats been going on the last few months 

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