Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cactus update

So if you read my last entry about Thomas wanting a cactus, you'd also know we planned on getting him one as a surprise.  Well like I stated my step mom and I went to Home Depot early today and
grabbed two.  Quite adorable also I must say.  One has a hot pink flower and the other is a yellowish orange that gets more orange at the buds coming off of it.  Now I mean come on....if you're going to get some guy a cactus as a surprise to settle his strange obsession with them, then you gotta get a pink one haha.

I also took one of my Jack Daniel's bottles I had on my dresser and did the glass cutting DIY you see all over Pinterest.  That includes, tying a alcohol soaked thread around the breaking point, lighting it on fire and then submerging it into cold water to make it crack and break into.  

I figured if he was getting a pink cactus he could at least keep his "manly-hood" with the Jack vase. 

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