Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So Thomas has had this really weird obsession with having a cactus for his room in the barracks lately.  Not really sure what brought this on but my step mom and I have decided that we are going to get him one as a surprise.  

It all started with him and me at Texas Road House a few weeks ago, while we were sitting there about to leave and waiting on our check.  He looked at me and said, "what do you think they'd do if I
took one of the cactus's?"  I simply replied with "they'd probably wonder why some guy is running out with one of their fake plants..." he said "it's not fake it's a real one" and I stated "no it's definitely fake."  He then proceeded to feel the plant and goes, "it is fake. what the heck."  The look of sadness then covered his face.

A week later we went to eat at a local restaurant in Clarksville called Harbor Cafe.  As we left, I noticed that the landscaping the business had done around the building included cactus's.  I felt the need to mess with him by stating, "hey look.  They have some real cactus's that you can take."  I was waiting for a reply that would consist of it was a joke when I said that last week or around the lines of ha ha very funny.  Instead he replied with, "YES! I'm coming back when they are closed and digging one up."  I literally burst out laughing and finally asked him "why do you want a cactus so badly" and he said "because you only water them every now and then but they'll add life to my room and color.  Plus they pretty much take care of themselves but are just cool anyhow."  

At that moment I realized that this northern Michigan yankee boy in the seat next to me probably had never grown up around cactus so therefore he thought they were cool and different.  He grew up near Canada so I'm assuming it's far to cold for a cactus to survive there unless it's in a home.  

With that being stated, I went and mentioned it to my step mom that I found this all very entertaining and that I would like to buy him one from the store that has hot pink flowers as a joke.  She totally agreed and so tonight we are swinging by Lowe's or Home Depot to grab a cactus for Thomas to "spice" up his room in the barracks.  He has no idea and will probably think it's the greatest thing in the world, but honestly he will just want more to cover his whole window sill. 

I called my best friend Devon today and explained all this to her and we ended up talking about if I were to ask all the girls what their guys really want and talk about getting, it would probably consist of game systems, car parts or random toys like boats or four wheelers.  My response when it came to be my turn to say what Thomas wants would be "Oh nothing big.  He just really wants a cactus."  We could not help but both burst out laughing at the thought of this conversation actually happening and about how random it is anyhow.  

But on to some cute cactus pictures.....actually kinda makes me want one to be honest but we arent going to tell him that. ;)

I'll post pictures of the cactus and what I put it in once it's all completed !

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