Monday, April 28, 2014

lets get healthy

So lately I wouldn't say I've been depressed or upset with the way my body looks, but ya know that feeling you get when you pull a pair of shorts out from last summer and suddenly your thighs are in the way.  Yeah go away thighs me no likey you.  But seriously though
I know I need to tone up.  I'm not fat or over weight by any means but I also know that I use to be in far better shape then I am now.  So starting next Tuesday my friend Wendall and I are training together.  I'm so excited and thankful he's willing to help motivate me and teach me.  He's definitely the best choice for this sort of thing too.  We went to school together and have been friends for years.  Not to mention we both serve in the USANG together and he was one of the people that pushed me into joining the military at first anyhow.  Which I am sooooo happy he did.  But with working out comes eating healthier so here's some of the things I'm looking at preparing to get on this new health kick I'd like to start living :)

Flavored Water
 use lemon and strawberries
lemon cucumber and mint leaves
lemon lime and mint leaves
watermelon and strawberry
cucumber lime and basil leaves
rosemary and orange slices
raspberry and lime
pineapple and mint leaves
peach and watermelon

Nutella Berry Bruschetta
4oz berries
1 almond, toasted
1/2cup nutella
12 baguette slices
2tbsp butter 

128 calories. Strawberry and cream cheese sandwich

 wheat tortilla, peanut butter and banana bites

chicken salad on avocado slices 

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