Friday, April 25, 2014

so sometimes i get bored anddd

decide to start making random things, whether that be me painting, some diy nonsense or producing stuff online.  I very rarely share anything but I'm being told by friends that I need to start.  So mostly what happens is I'm on pinterest, as usual, and see where people take canvas' or wood and paint on them words, saying and quotes.  I unfortunately look around my
room (by look I mean I sit in my bed and use my eyes to look, I don't actually get active) and see that I do not have anything to paint on laying around.  The next best thing?? my printer :)  I start finding pictures online that I like and then saying or quotes that I think would match the photo.  Then it's all a matter of just adding the words to the picture, saving it to my laptop and printing it.  Find a frame to place it in or next best thing ....tape it to the wall.  I really am the laziest DIY-er you'll ever meet.  But everyone always loves the things I have on my walls and things I create. 

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