Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So I finally decided to use the scanner my printer comes with.  My mother bought me the printer as a Christmas present this last year (2013).  I was so happy and thrilled too.  She knows how I am about printing things so that they are all neat and cleanly organized.  Well as the title says; I scanned a
bunch of my artwork so that it's not me uploading photos from an iphone anymore.  Sorry I'm lame and the rebel camera I use in a film version soooo not like I can easily access those either....which reminds me, I have a ton of film to develop from a concert I did photography for ages ago. 

The artwork I do is either completely original and outta my head, or I see pieces I like to draw inspiration from.  I hope you all enjoy my artwork though. 
"The Mermaid" - 2014

"Late Nights" - 2012
The white square is a block of a dumb joke I wrote on the page 

"Polly" - 2013

"Autumn Leaves" - 2012

"Simple" - 2014

"Take Flight" - 2013

"Burn" - 2012

"What" - 2013

"Direction" - 2012

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