Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boho chic

I think yes!  I've always wondered exactly what style I have.  Personally I love a little of everything.  I like the laid back and casual, the modern, the southern country look.  I like the themed rooms and homes and the clean line look.  I'm a very well rounded person and draw my inspiration from
everything around me, and I like to show that in the space that I live in.

I finally came across some home decor that really appealed to me.  I literally sat there and went "hmm, I guess this is what you could label my style in the end as."  You see when I say i love a little bit of everything I'm being as serious as can be.  It's always made me wonder what my future home will look like when I get older.  The leftovers of a style tornado sweeping through every room is about what I picture it as.  With dashes of everything.

I love the way they use pattern color and life.  Plants are everywhere, colors are laid back with one that makes a big impact.  Prints are noticed and furniture is homey.  I like the way woods and cloths come together and the way everything is mixed matched from the vintage paintings and mirror, to the very modern couch and color pop.
Lots of light to make it airy and cool.  The couch is the statement in the rooms, or maybe the opened windows make the room seem so much bigger then it is.  The use of plants, lamps and art are must haves for me.  And using small decor to fill spaces is always a great idea.
I think Thomas's cactus obsession has legit rubbed off on me, but that's ok with me.  They are simply lovely little things.  In these I like how the chairs all have the mixed match but put together look.  Pillows bring a little color to the chairs they're on, and blankets and throws are laying on multiuse ottomans.  Curtains are ceiling high and "flowy", and side tables are also decorative and not typical.
Color blast.  I love the way they use the wall color to enhance the decoration used in the room.  The bright green wall paper makes the white couch pop but still seem relaxing.  I like the use of color and smaller decorations to fill a larger space, the throw pillows as accents, and artwork on the walls.  Just lovely.

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