Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Doors, doors, doors

They're the first thing a person will interact with at your house.  Whether to stare and push the doorbell or to knock on it.  You have to make an impression for people as soon as they walk up.  Now yes you have landscaping and what not, but your door does have some impact.  Especially for those
homes that don't have the luxury of a yard.  So with that said I want to show some "to die for" doors.  I love the color choices and maybe you can find some inspiration in them to spice up your home with a little paint to the front door. 

If you decide you do want to paint your door make sure you choose a latex paint that is oil based.  It will require no primer for one, and two it's water proof and can handle weather conditions much better then a regular paint a lot of people make the mistake of.  It'll cost ya around 10-15 bucks depending on where you go for about a gallon of paint.  But be artsy!  If you hate the color or just think it doesn't match as well as you thought it would then paint right over it.  Simple as that.

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