Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So it's definitely been a minute since my last post.  I've been going crazy with everything going on lately.  From finishing a novel and writing a review on it for GL magazine; to getting my orders approved for Germany.   That's the exciting news :)

I have been chosen to represent the state of TN in a training program in Germany for the summer!!!! How awesome is that.  I'm 1 of 4 from what my 1sgt says.  It's going to look awesome on my
ERB for sure.  Now I can't really disclose any information about the dates and place I'll be, or what sort of training I'll be doing.....but I can share tons of pictures with you about my trip once I return. 

I plan on going to a lot of museums and a lot of historical areas and photography them.  I want to take the opportunity to go there and learn as much as possible about the towns and land.  So with that said the countdown to leaving has started!

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