Friday, May 16, 2014


So it's been a good minute since I did anything new to my Etsy shop!

I finally have updated it and added some new listings to my page.  Each one took me at least an hour or more to complete.  Maybe it's because I get super distracted doing anything.  It usually starts with
me pulling out my craft bucket and then as I'm pulling the objects out I need I run across stuff I forgot I had and then think about what I can do with it...etc etc.  A.D.D. is a big pain in the butt for someone who loves doing art!

I should have a BUNCH of artwork up soon though!
I want to start painting again and creating what I love.

It'll probably be a good minute on that to be updated into the shop as well, but I'll definitely let ya'll know when it goes up for grabs!

but here's whats been added:



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