Thursday, May 8, 2014


Pineapples.  I think my mini addiction to this fruit started last week when I came across a post on College Prep.  I mean I've always loved pineapples in general.  They taste good, they're healthy and we grow them in out backyard. 

Did you know if you cut the head off a pineapple when you buy it from the store that you can plant it in a planter and it'll grow? 
Learn something new everyday don't you.

Well on the topic of learning here are a few facts about the pineapple
                     ...just in case you didn't know:

Pineapple is low-fat and cholesterol-free.  It provides a source of many nutrients, especially vitamin C and manganese. One cup provides nearly 100 percent of both nutrients.  One cup of fresh pineapple contains 82 calories. These calories come primarily from carbohydrates. Like all fruits, pineapple does contain sugar. Nearly 10 of the 16.3 g of sugar in a cup of pineapple are sucrose, while the remaining sugar is a combination of glucose and fructose. One cup of pineapple also contains 2.3 g of fiber.  Pineapple is low in both fat and protein, containing less than 1 g of each per cup. The pineapple fruit has fiber and enzymes that is good for the digestive system and helps in maintaining ideal weight and balanced nutrition. 

So as you can see not only are pineapples cute and decorative but they are also very healthy for you and help in a natural weight loss.  well enough about pineapples....time for pictures :)


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