Monday, May 5, 2014

summer loves....

so we're definitely heading into summer here south of the Mason Dixon line.  With hot weather, lake boats, lightin' bugs and flowers blooming all around.  Those days where the lights at the ball field flicker all night long.  Where school's out for vacation and summer love is all around.  When
memories and stories are made to pass on generation to generation.  The drive-in theaters open back up for the season and there is always something going on anytime day of the week.  When storms come through and rainbows are left behind.  These are the days that everyone looks forward too all year round. 

I personally have an obsession with looking at photos or vintage fair grounds, or even floral shirts right now. 

Not only these things are on my watch list but I also am loving room decorations using old vinyl records.  I have 4 hanging on my wall that will be shown way later as a separate post.  But here's some ideas on what you can use the old records for :)


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