Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 10 on replay this week

So here we go into our second week of May.  I've found a ton of new songs recently released that I simply CAN NOT (yes the caps are needed to stress the importance of these artist songs) get enough of currently.  I love all music.  From country to dubstep.  I seriously have the largest variety of music on my phone then anyone I know.  I can stick it on shuffle but when I'm with certain groups of
friends I stick to certain categories.  I literally have my phone setup with playlist.  Country, rap, rock, alternative, favorites and acoustic.  They mostly all explain exactly what is on the playlist, although my alternative could also be named "everything else".  I love music and definitely see it as a way to express how a person feels.  But on to the countdown.  And let me say, these are in no particular order either.

1)  Happy- Pharrell Williams

2)  Alienation- Morning Parade

3)  Hard out here-  Lilly Allen

4)  Midnight-  Coldplay

5)  Love to much-  Hunter Hayes

6)  Nothing like starting over-  Hunter Hayes

7)  Oh tonight- Josh Abbot Band

8)  From a table away- Sunny Sweeney

9)  Move into the light- Juventa

10)  Fly- Protohype

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