Sunday, January 25, 2015

And I'd choose you ....

however strange and weird he may be, he's perfect. 
in his own little way, he's perfect. 
his laughter can make your day better in an instant
his smile can tell you everything you need to know about his day 
he knows how to treat a girl and sadly I think it's because he knows how it feels to be mistreated
he knows what he wants and his ambitions and dreams and drive to reach his goals are potentially what his downfall just might be
but it's also what pulls me so much closer to him 
to learn and watch and see where his roots are planted and his stems spread and grow
good enough isn't and option because he wants to succeed at the best of his ability for everything he attempts
the look he gives you when he looks into your eyes,
with that sorta side smirk is just simply irresistible and you aren't completely sure what about it grabs you from the inner beings of your soul
it's like the look alone is telling you that he sees you 
the real you, but that he accepts you for every flaw you think you may have 
and that after minutes hes not looking into you 
but looking at the reflection of himself
hes not seeing into the very unsettling parts of your heart and mind that you keep hidden from the world 
but rather looking into your eyes and seeing the way you see him
seeing his reflection in your eyes and seeing just how much you hold him in your gaze
he accepts that no matter how unnerving the seconds ticking by just might be 
that you still haven't broken his gaze and for those seconds he hasn't broken yours as well
that hes accepting that he's vulnerable and that you're both allowing each other to be free in one another
those tiny little moments when he grabs your hand in his sleep and holds so tightly afraid you might let go
the moments when you've walked through a crowd and you look back only to see him searching for your face among the others, afraid he might have lost you
when your laying in bed and you're just barely awake enough to know the cover has fallen to your waste and you feel him pull in back up for you and tuck you in, thinking your still soundly asleep
the little things like kissing you, while your standing there mid sentence telling a story about how something went terribly wrong in your day and telling you to calm down because you're still adorable and it doesn't matter
that he doesn't want to see you upset or mad and he just wants to make you happy
when you lay there in bed and he opens up just to tell you how much you matter to him 
you can almost hear the honestly in his voice as if its turned this loud life we live in, into the quietest place you've ever seen or been to on this planet
its amazing how a person can alter our life so suddenly 
so quickly that we didn't even see it coming
its astonishing and sorda breathless in itself when you think about it
and think about the little things he does

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