Thursday, January 29, 2015


So this past weekend I was able to participate in an awesome charity to help support a local animal shelter, Clarksville Montgomery Humane Society......

What started out as a random birthday party for a fellow chiver friend, turned into a great cause to raise money and bring in product to help the shelter.  Now for those who aren't sure what THE CHIVE is then you can go and research it by simply going to there website....but to pretty much sum it up for you....we party like rock stars but always give back to the community and raise awareness to support local and nationwide charities.

So, everyone was aware of the birthday party but earlier that morning it was put out that we would be turning it into a charity event.  We were able to put the word out and by the end of the night we had successfully raised and gathered:

368.8 lbs of dog food
63.6 lbs of cat food
116 lbs of cat litter
32 rolls of paper towels
205 training pads
and raised
$152 in Cash Donations

I just want to say I love my CHIVE family

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