Saturday, January 24, 2015

etsy: Hide and Finds...

my friends look at me like im craky when i say this
 Etsy is always full of all sorts of little odd bits and lovely creative items.
here are a few things I've been creeping and peeping on buying
so go ahead just click on the pictures and it'll take you to the shops page so you can see all the other little things they have to offer in their shop....and if you do decide to make a purchase, just leave a little note and tell them I sent you guys
DJB Miss Jinkie Van Pelt
Blogs And Coffee Heart Mug 

 Cup coffee cappuccino ceramic stoneware potterylatte cup - unique handmade created with love to enamel colours - green turquoise white 

Fabric Shower Curtain - Original Photography by RDelean Designs - mountains, snow, forest, woodlands, PNW, 

Voz Deco Wood Crystals 

Summer in the PNW Tank!

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