Tuesday, January 20, 2015


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Fear causes you to not do a lot of things in life that you would love to experience, try out and say you've done. I use to let it control my life...not by actually being afraid but just thinking to myself it's probably not a good idea and then creating all the reasons why I thought it was a bad idea in my head to justify how I came to that conclusion

 I just feel like here lately I've been letting go and have been more open to everything thrown my way.  I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily happy with where my life is or isn't but more that I'm content with it and taking each new step as a door unopened. 

I've officially gotten to where I'm caught up on all my bills and can start having play money....or even maybe save up so I can finally finish my shoulder tattoo.... who knows.
I'm also close to having school paid off, and that means getting back into college and then getting my degree!!! WOOT!

But on the bright side of things, I'm finally not getting into my own head.  I'm doing what I want and not convincing myself out of it like I use to about EVERYTHING!  And it's nice.  I don't analyze all the small details and make things a bad thing in my head....

So I'm taking chances
I'm not holding back
I'm facing fears
and doing things before they become a fear entirely ....

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