Tuesday, January 27, 2015

new name and a little explanation of why

so i decided to sort of revamp my page
ive noticed that here in the past few months when ive really gotten into blogging that im writing more about me
my life
my choices
my decisions
my love stories
my town
and my feelings

sooooo .....
why keep the title my creative side....yes im still the same ole creative person and yes ill still post articles on stuff im inspired by or have created.
ill keep you up to date on my etsy shop as normal
and even what goodies ive found
but ive found that this page has become more personal then i ever intended

when i started my creative side i was barely 20 and maybe even only 19
ive had 100's of post and constantly went through and would clear out the ones with 0 views after only a few short months
i was more worried about followers and reading rates then what i actually had in a post

im now 23 and my writing style is of its own
i write and type what i feel
not what i think people want to hear
this is my page my venting my story
you can join the journey or just pass through
im here for me to write not for readers to read
and i mean that in the most respectful way
and i do hope that comes out the right way

i guess what im trying to say is i no longer write to just get views
i dont type what i think you readers might want to here
but that i now rather give you a more in depth look at my personal life and youve been able to watch me pour my heart ache into a post and then see my come back up out of my rut
its turned more into what im feeling at that moment whether that be poetry, art, gardening, things ive written, things ive drawn or created, or even food.....my page has taken life to itself and i see nothing wrong with that

so i shall continue on with the way its going
and for those that do come across it
or people that still continue to read my page i hope you find something that suites your likings
even if you walk away only liking 1

thanks you guys

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