Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sometimes you just need a good cup of joe...

And that is precisely what I mean.
Sometimes you have no words to describe where you are mentally and physically
All you know is that this is now
And here I am 
You don't know for sure how you make it from one day to the next
Or even how you have managed to have gotten to where you are 

Things happen 
Days roll on
And all in all you just gotta do what you can to survive
Love hurts whether you're falling into it or out of it
And when you fall you have to get back up 
Shake off the gravel and dirt
And keep on strutting your stuff down the street 

Sometimes I like to take selfies and pretend I'm actually going to be famous someday and that I will be so embarrassed if anything not Instagram worthy is uploaded....luckily for me that'll never happen and I can keep on going with my daily life knowing everyone gets to maintain their eyesight :)

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