Thursday, January 22, 2015

wandering and shop update

I've lately been wandering around Nashville just to look and see things in a new perspective and to sorda kinda waste time, but I've fallen in love with every little part of it and every thing I've seen....I should really start taking more pictures because the above photo is really all I've gotten....

It was also very rainy this day and I took this from my car window, so the next time we have a sunny not so miserable looking day I will be on the hunt for hidden treasures to capture

 So this last week I sold 2 things out of my shop.  It had been a good minute before since the last items sold but i was happy that one was something requested.  The other was the clipboard I had painted a design on about 4 years ago!!!! But he newest item that was strictly for the buyer was the First Impressions print in the deer silhouette....had a ton of read back on this one from friends and family on Instagram and even a couple more request....only they aren't through my shop

If you haven't seen my etsy go check it out.  I don't have much up but literally take request on anything and everything. :)
Soooooo as you can see I'm slowly but surely getting better at this whole sign writing thingy that the world calls typography!!!  I put them in the order that I've created them sooo 1st 2nd and 3rd.....I know they could be better but I don't exactly get a whole day to work on them so the 1 to 2 hours they give me is what I have to work with.....but since starting this I've gotten into this stuff a lot more and have a journal about half full of random stuff that I doodle and draw...that will definitely be in a future post though so stay tuned...


Haven't really posted much about people here lately....but the top picture is with a new friend of mine, Haley, we met at THE ROW which is where I had been working up until this last Friday.....stuff happens but no it wasn't my fault.....and then of course the little sis Ariel beautiful as always and just turned 18 .....she needs to stop growing so fast :/ but having good times and creating great memories with these lovely ladies :)

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