Friday, February 13, 2015

been slacking....

So my birthday was the 30th, and I had a phenomenal time with my CHIVE friends who through me a party!  I had way more to drink then I probably should have, but hey it's my birthday and allowed.  I then went to Texas to see my family for a'd been a year and
I needed out of Tennessee for a while to clear my head on some things taking place.  All in all I had a blast, went out dancing, spent time with family and loved every minute of it.  It sucks because every time I go down there to visit, it's hard to say goodbye.  I feel like Dallas is my second home and never want to leave.  Guess a new goal in my life should be get all my bills taken care of and my life on the right track and then move back to Texas!  

Well updates I suppose....
Car was in the shop a week ago.  I had to take it to post and replace the spark plugs.  Thought that would include the wires and coils too but I got lucky and no serious parts were needed for it to start running normal again....
I started a new job in Nashville doing valet.  Tonight will be my first night to where I'm officially keeping my own tips, so that's pretty exciting.
Oh, and I received a gracious window tint ticket on my I have court to look forward to on Tuesday. 
Random....I've successfully gone a month without biting my nails.  I keep finding myself stabbing myself or scratching my eyes though when I remove my contacts but I'm getting use to having nails, after biting mine since I was a child.  I will say, it does make me feel more like a lady with them.
I have a cabin/snowboarding trip coming up on the 28th and I'm soooooo excited.  I've always wanted to go snowboarding and what better way to go then with my CHIVE family!
I also have gone to see some of my favorite musicians play here lately including Jerrod Neimann, Love and Theft and Cody Johnson Band. And all of which were for charity causes, so I'm personally grateful for being a part of those events!

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