Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where to begin

Ive moved
several times now actually
but i live in Clarksville
found an amazing guy
im sometimes so oblivious i literally irritate myself
well i work at a bar
its ok but the money is horrible sometimes
i play softball on a pickup league now
ive finally come to the realization that some people just literally dont grow up
ive started going to the gym quite a bit and loving that
i work the CMAs this next weekend
i have 2 dogs passed out on my bedroom floor right now
and they arent even mine
least these boys listen though
my best friend gets home from jordan tomorrow
and im excited as all get out
anddddd idk what else to to say

im going to try and get back involved and dedicated with this blog but ive just been so busy and so emotionally drained ive not known what to say, what to do, or where to start.  Guess its time to take it a day at a time ....

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