Monday, November 30, 2015

Oil Pastels*ugh*

So oil pastels are the absolute worst sometimes.....but I've been working really really REALLY hard to not break every single one of them in half as I'm attempting to improve myself and my art while using them. 

I learned to use them around my junior year of high school, so 2008, and it was a rather quick lesson.  Here's how to use them, here is how to blend and now draw something. Next day we were onto something different.  That's probably the only thing about art in school I wish would've been different.....having an instructor that actually gave a crap and took the time to teach me.  I never really got to improve because I was always pretty good so the teacher would usually just walk past me to help someone who literally needed someone to hold their hand as they created whatever it was we were currently working on. 

Now I'm not saying that I always needed some sort of help, but rather some critiquing.  Like, Chelsea this is really good but maybe do the nose a little more like this instead because it'll look more realistic, rather then glancing at my work saying she's pretty much got it and walking past me.  

Anyhow,  here is some of the work I've done with oil pastels and if anyone has questions about how I may have done something feel free to ask because these have a lot of trial and error in them as well as a few techniques I might have even made up....ok maybe not made up but no one ever told me to do it and I didn't watch or read a tutorial for the to me that means I made it up hahahaha



  1. I don't know how to use them without breaking them either! Love how each of these fun pieces has a different look to the oil pastels! Thanks for sharing with Let's Play!

  2. I can't do it without breaking, nice work. Glad to see you on Carolyn's pages.

  3. Well there is no rule that says do not break :) In fact i peeled away the packages and sometimes use them horizontally, sometimes rubbing instead using the tip etc.Not that i am an expert but your raccoon looks pretty realistic and gorgeous to me :)

  4. The parrot is adorable! Who cares if they break! Look at all the beautiful art you created with them! That's the only thing that matters.