Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh Savannah...

There has been so much that has happened in the last few months that I'm honestly not even sure where to begin!  From moving to becoming a business owner to the military reclassing, the list just goes on and on! phew!

So for starters!!! The Army, with me moving states I chose to move units to one in the state of Georgia.  I was quickly informed that a spot for a 92Y was not happening but that I would be able to choose a reclass option if I would like.  I was all about it to be honest, because with having to MOS's I can jump back and forth throughout the ranks to climb the promotion ladder!  Well I went through the list and chose to reclass from a 92Y supply specialist to a 31B military police officer!  So here in a few months I will be attending reclass school and learning how to do this job!  I also am now up for my promotion to become a SGT and I'm so super excited!

Next on the list, I moved.  Not too far or anything....just off post!  I have 3 roommates and we all manage to make it work and get along!  I will say I'm the only girl but I'm ok with that! Ben (1 of the roomies) and me both have the obsession with karaoke so we typically go out every Wednesday and Friday to go sing and have a few beers!  It's fun but I still need some girlfriends to party with!



I've decided to start at SCAD in either June or August depending on work and how fast my bills are paid off!  It's time to go to college and learn some stuff! hahaha but no seriously I'm excited!!!!!!!  And to top it all off I started my own company!  It's called Neighborhood Home Improvement.....we cover anything and everything! Check out my Facebook page if you'd like!  But so far so good with that, just getting everything that's mandatory to run a business legal wise is sorda a pain in the booty but I'm getting it!

I've really here recently taken to working out a whole lot!  I'm tired of always being stressed out or even just not liking the way I look all the time...I have my days I'm completely content but then I turn around and the next day I'm all blahhhh  but I'm trying to be as healthy as possible !!

I also went home to visit my family and friends and that was a great month to say the least!  I hadn't been home for 5 months and really needed to see my family!













And then I went to tampa for the paintball psl tournament butttttt I did make a stop into Busch Gardens !

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